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Say Their Name - The Compassionate Friends UK
Compassionate Friends

Say Their Name - The Compassionate Friends UK

Everyone featured in Say their Name has survived the death of a child in their family.

Say Their Name

Say Their Name was made especially for The Compassionate Friends by film-makers Jimmy Edmonds and Jane Harris who are BEYOND GOODBYE. Their own son Joshua died aged 22 in January 2011. TCF Trustee, Jane, and Local Contact, Jimmy, talk to bereaved parents and siblings about their grief, the importance of saying their child’s name and the support they have gained from TCF. This is the only film available in the UK made by bereaved parents for bereaved parents and their families in which grieving parents and siblings have been able to speak openly, candidly and in public about the devastating experience of the death of their son or daughter.

Grief & Rest

‘Grief & Rest’ was made especially for John Paul Retreats presentations and conferences. It highlights some of the merits of retreat life during bereavement.

Image by Külli Kittus
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