Help bereaved families at Christmas

During 2020, Coronavirus and its associated lockdowns have dramatically changed how we grieve. Funerals have been impacted (and) with social distancing restrictions, many have been unable to say goodbye to their loved ones. John Paul Retreats House on the Isle of Bute is still open to anyone who may have lost a child to unforeseen death. Since 2018, the retreats have benefitted over 200 families. The retreat house is not subsidised by government grants and it continues to operate entirely upon donation. It is our goal to continue John Paul Retreats well beyond 2020 but we need you to help us by making a donation this Christmas. Your donation will go toward the general cost of keeping the house open and making it a safe and welcoming place for all our visitors. We thank you for any help you can give at this difficult time for us all. If you would like to find out more about John Paul Retreats, please visit our website at #donate

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